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300 for $300 Black Owned Business
MyJBN Market Build Up
The Urban Business Alliance Ujima Business Incubator:
Target Cities: Atlanta, Miami, Palm Beach,
Orlando, Tampa, Charlotte,
DMV, Houston, Chicago & New Orleans!

SIGN UP HERE: vsignup.html

PAY HERE: JBN150for12Deal/300

There are 10 of these spots in each market!

Deal - If you own a business in the Atlanta Metro area, Central Flordia (I-4) or South Florida (Palm Beach, Broward, Dade) and are one of the first 5 businesses in your market to sign up You will receive double the number of ads listed and a Live 2 hour broadcast from your business during the contract period. ($200 Value, Scheduling subject to availibility)

Once we get 5 of the 10 businesses in a market we will launch a chapter of the Ujima Business Incubator and each business will get a Free 1 year membership. ($300 Annual Value)*

So you get a total value of $1500 for only $300!

Here is what you get and what you must do:
Vendor Receives the following:
1. 1 Year Urban Passport ONYX Membership: Cost $300 Total
(Regular price is $100 per month)

2. Business Card ad in quarterly Update EMail
3. Listing on biweekly email out
4. Standard Display Ad on Urban Passport Website
5. FREE Booth space at UBI Business Expo* ($200 Value)
6. 99, 30 second-ads per month on the V108 station you choose
7. 15, 15 second ads per month on Urban I-TV
8. 9, 15 second ads per month on the BCSN broadcast

Vendor must do the following:
1. Provide an EXCLUSIVE discount for Urban Passport Card Holders
2. Display Urban Passport logo on door and at register or on your website with link
3. Agree to play network stations in their venue at least 7 hours per week
4. Provide link to one of the network stations from their website
5. Provide a check in & point redeemer code to UP members
6 Provide at least promotional give away per month
7. Allow space & time for at least 1, 2 hour LIVE network broadcast during contract period



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