The Jericho Broadcast Networks offers a wide range of services
We are focused on helping you be the best that you can be! As we say:
"We are breaking down the walls of communication!"


We have a team of Event Planning Specialists across the country that can help you make your event the BEST it can be!!!


Video and Audio Production with some of the most experienced producers you will meet!


We can help you set up any type of streaming service for your orginization, business, church or whatever!


Websites, Graphics, Flyers, Banners, Software or anything else you may need we have a top notch team of design professionals across many areas!


From your corporate meetings to setting up your corporate plan to getting your business plan set from start to finish.


We employ one of the largest and most talented teams of Vocal Professionals that you will ever encounter. If you need it said in a "GREAT" way...We can do it!


If you have a business, event, product or service you want to promote, we are your best conduit to reach the progressive, informed and committed urban consumer! Our customer base is loyal and has a high activation rate with our advertisers!


We are America's Premier Urban Online broadcasting company. An industry trendsetter since 1998, we remain ahead of the pack by providing quality audio and video programs that are enjoyed by people of all races!


Do you need to set up streaming for your school, business or church? Running for office and need help? Are you looking for the best advertising avenues for your business? Do you want to know what national events you should attend for the best return? Our consultants will set you up for success!